Web2 Social Media Marketing

Social Intelligence

We stand solidly on the belief that it is impossible to define a strategy or social media objective without grounding it on a solid intelligence. With its help, companies and organizations can have a deeper understanding of their audience, leading to the creation of more impactful messaging and campaigns that really resonate with their target market.

Moreover, Audience Social Intelligence can also enhance engagement, foster brand loyalty and boost advocacy branding.

Additionally, it provides insights into how a brand’s audience is interacting with their content and on what channels, enabling the optimization of marketing efforts.

We work with the following social intelligence companies

iq data systems

Social Strategy

Our aim is to guide you in creating a successful social media marketing strategy. This involves identifying the right target audience, choosing the right platforms, developing captivating content, and evaluating campaign performance. The ultimate goals of this strategy are to elevate brand awareness, drive website traffic, and generate leads and sales. We will support you in implementing tactics such as crafting engaging content and interacting with customers on social media to achieve these objectives

Social Narrative

Our goal is to help you define the best narrative for your brand, one that aligns with the values and interests of your target audience. We believe that effective storytelling is the key to creating a connection with your audience, and that by doing so, you can ignite a spark that will lead to increased engagement and brand loyalty

Live Social

As social media experts, we strongly believe in the importance of live social media activities, such as live streaming or Q&A sessions.

These activities offer numerous benefits, including increased engagement through real-time interaction with the audience, authenticity and behind-the-scenes access which builds trust, wider reach and valuable
real-time feedback from your audience.

These are just a few examples of the types of live activities, such as Twitter Spaces, video streaming, live tweeting, AMA, and showcasing a day in the life. By incorporating live social media activities into your strategy, we can help you to improve your overall social media presence and drive meaningful results for
your brand.

Community Management

Our approach to community management for your brand encompasses key tasks and good practices, including moderation, engagement, content creation, analytics, crisis management, listening, collaboration, being human, and leading by example.

These strategies help us to monitor community interactions, respond to feedback, and create a seamless branding experience that aligns with the values and interests of your community