I’ve been listening to Molecule ‘s latest DeSci podcast with Vitalik Buterin, co-founder of Ethereum, as the featured guest. In it he talks about the benefits of Blockchain technology for scientific development.

I’d like to highlight the following key messages from his talk with Vincent Weisser about the great value of this technology in the Science sector:

The funding of DeSci projects

• Crypto as a useful tool to raise capital for scientific research

• The financing of projects that transcend those promoted by traditional research institutions

• The donation of crypto funds to charities operating in the fields of Health and Science

• The funding of scientific research projects aimed at longevity, such as those promoted by the decentralized autonomous organization VitaDAO

• Quadratic funding as the best mechanism for deciding how to distribute the monies raised for the different research projects in DAOs: a more democratic form of funding in which the number of contributors takes on more importance than the amount invested, all without the need for a centralized decision-making body

Peer reviews in scientific literature

• The improvement of the peer review system through the traceability allowed by Blockchain of soulbound (non-transferable) tokens and NFTs

• Improved citation graphics

• Improved contribution graphs in peer reviews

Proof of Attendance Protocols (POAPs)

• For those attending online or offline science events

• POAPs to recognize professionals’ contributions to scientific research

• Certification with a POAP token for being the author of a paper, writing a post, or being involved in a certain role in a scientific community

Proof of Humanity (PoH)

• To ensure that you are truly human — and not a bot — on the Ethereum network within the decentralized science community of professionals

• To constantly and permanently obtain a number of Universal Basic Income (UBI) tokens

Zero Knowledge Protocols (ZKP)

• To ensure the privacy of scientific data

• Because they allow for the secure exchange of information between parties without the need for them to trust each other

Decentralized education

• Buterin believes that decentralized education should be part of decentralized science

Here you have the complete podcast on Molecule’s YouTube channel

This man is a genius, and the technological architecture he has created with the Ethereum Blockchain is transforming all sectors, including Science, as we have known it until now, through disintermediation, transparency, privacy, security, democratization, identity sovereignty and ownership of the data generated.

Ángel González

By Ángel González

Founder & CEO