There’s something magical about a still photograph — a captured moment in time — that can simultaneously exist outside the fraction of a second the shutter captures.— Jamie Beck

In the last couple of years, text and images have been replaced more and more with videos; marketers are using them to increase engagement. Sure you have noticed the GIFs boom but, did you know that the first GIF was created in 1987? So why now?

Does this dancing banana answer the question?


At it´s origin the GIF was created as a visual resource of fun with the existing technology, far away from the one we have now. In addition to that, the viral effect was very limited, since social media channels such as Twitter, Facebook, and Tumbler didn´t exist.

Nowadays people use the Social Web to express themselves, to convey their storytelling.  These social conversationalists are less concerned with using proper grammar and more willing to use graphics, videos and interactive formats to get bolder posts. For them and their audiences, the GIFs are funny and express messages creatively and on the spot.

We are going to see more GIFs than ever on Twitter timelines thanks to a partnership with Giphy and Riffsy. Tweeps now have the chance to post their tweets adding a GIFs that they can easily select from a GIF library organized by topics.

However, Twitter is not the first, other platforms such as LinkedIn, Facebook Messenger or Tinder already have this option.

Personally I love GIFs and I think it is a funny way to communicate with your customers. But it´s worth doing to wonder if fun through GIFs is applicable to all the sectors and brands.

Companies like Vogue or  Mercedes-Benz come to my mind and probably they don´t want to be positioned as funny brands. They want to catch the attention of their clients through creative visual resources… but in another way.

And that new way is the Cinemagraph.

A Cinemagraph is a living moment in an otherwise still photograph. It exists in the world in between a photograph and video to bring to life the image and make it last foreverKevin Burg and Jamie Beck.

Take a look at this example created for the brand Ecco Domani by Burg and Beck’s Ann Street Studio.




Hypnotic, right? Probably you couldn´t draw your eyes from it. It´s elegant, soft, beautiful and incredibly captivating.

There´s a huge range of different uses for social marketing purposes. In the Instagram and Facebook worlds we are continuously exposed to pictures, and unless an image make you stop and stare, it has no value. Think twice what is the better visual storyteller strategy.




At Harry Potter´s film we could already see the Cinemagraph in their magic newspaper. However we are living in a world where magic has always a trick. The following infographic gives you some tips to do your own magic.

There are a lot of ways and apps to help you create your perfect cinemagraph. My favourite is Flixel, since it alerts you if the video is too shaky. It is also very intuitive, and if you follow the tips above before, during and after the production the results will be fascinating

The base of marketing is grabbing the attention and create an interest of the viewer. As a company you can use it in a lot of ways:

Engage possible consumers on Social Media Channels.

Social media plays a huge role in digital marketing. With the popularity of networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google+ and Tumblr, it’s important to hit each channel with accuracy and effectiveness.

Cinemagraphs are especially useful for cosmetic products, household category, food websites and fashion. Take advantage of the insta-fever and enhance the viewership of your product.

Facebook is considered the most important platform for marketers. As a user, I am bored of static photos, and if something different appear I am going to appreciate it.

Some brands already have shared cinemagraph-style posts to Facebook, including Channel , Coca-Cola or General Electric.

Increase the effectiveness of your emails



House of Cards is currently Netflix’s largest original series and it’s clear that is doing something right. For season 2 and 3, Netflix used cinemagraphs in their email marketing campaigns. The virality and success of the campaigns show just how powerful living photos can be.

Email is still playing a key role in marketing strategies. Every email marketer looks for ways to improve campaigns and drive deeper engagement through the use of design, images, and copy and with the Cinemagraph they can achieve all that.

Make your website more attractive

The main reason to include it in your website is that cinemagraphs could really make your website look cooler and could help you communicate in a better and more effective way with your visitors. Differentiate your brand from the competition

Storytelling with Cinemagraphs

The art of this new medium is highlighting a special and concrete moment in a continuous loop. Is not that great for marketing? Put your focus on what you want to tell to your clients and convey a message. Tell a story, make the audience think.

In order to meet today’s marketing challenges, it is essential to use advanced strategies and ideas. Cinemagraphs are an effective means to attain your marketing goals.



Now you know the trick and how it´s done, but don´t you think it´s still magic?

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