Good content curation isn’t as simple as pushing a
share button. It’s actually a combination of
finding great content and following some simple best
practices on how to successfully share that content.
Steve Rosenbaum

In Social Media, building your brand means not only entering to the dialogue and the co-generation of content with your communities. This is not enough: become a content curator of the themes, topics, concerns and wows that engage your audience is a must. As a brand, be as well the ambassador of the broader reason they are relating with you. It is not about stealing external content, it is about compiling what is really relevant for your target, curating it in a proper way…and sharing!

We at Ideagoras know how to deal with that. Take advantage of this and capitalize for your brand what is the king at the Social Web: the content.

Create, Generate, Emerge, Curate…and Spread the Word!