It is later than you think. Nigel Barlow

But, don´t panic!

We help you to do the journey from traditional communications to Social Media Marketing. By the way, what we have known up to now as isolated branding disciplines – Advertising, PR, Direct Marketing, Promotion, Sales Reps, Digital (yes, digital) – are diluting their old borders to converge all them around Social Media.

Strategic planning in Social Media starts by identifying the voice of your consumers at the Social Web…because they are out there right now talking and gossiping about your brand, so they are branding, wanted or not. Listening to their conversations comes first.

We will state a Social Media Brand Vision to build, stating the Objectives to match and the Strategy to follow as the roadmap…an endless and exciting one to build and sustain a competitive social media persona character for your brand.

What SoMe Technologies to use come last, so don´t rush it!