BBVA - Ideagoras Conference 2015

We are in a time of fast changes: the explosive growth of the Social Web has transformed all sectors. It has also changed the way we build brands using connectivity and hyper-socialization.

However, there is a clear risk of over-sharing. The more mysterious, unspoken yet implied aspects of brands are in danger of being lost. Viewers must be able to reflect on the beauty of things that can’t be explained and that can’t be scaled for a mass audience. By applying this wisdom to tomorrow’s brand building, we can create smarter branding strategies that truly engage with clients and customers.

On the other hand, Big Data has become a ubiquitous term, yet it remains poorly understood. In brief, Big Data is intelligence, it’s the classification and organization of the most pertinent trends in the digital world. It adds priceless clarity and rationale to digital achievements, strategies, and conversations. It can act as a guide to defining new products and services by highlighting gaps in the market.

In this space we are seeing the co-existence and co-operation of rational left-brain thinking and creative right-brain thinking. They are working toward the same goal: Designing Romantic Brands In The Big Data Age.

This is the title of the VII International Conference Ideagoras – BBVA Innovation Center that will take place the 29 of October in Madrid. Join the conversation, enjoy the experience, spread the word! 

Ángel González

By Ángel González

Founder & CEO