Pharma Marketing in the Web3 Age

Pharmaceutical marketing is entering an exciting stage of profound transformation driven by web3.

In this blog post, I explore the impact and opportunities that this technology can offer in managing the relationship between pharmaceutical companies and healthcare professionals.

Development of decentralized platforms – dApps – for HCPs

  • Creating collaborative ecosystems where healthcare professionals (HCPs) will have sovereign ownership of the data generated from their therapeutic strategies, clinical cases, and content.
  • As a result, only HCPs will own their digital identity, preserving the privacy of their scientific data.
  • In this way, no centralized technological entity can monetize its data.
  • They can ensure the exchange of information with other colleagues in an automated and trustless manner.
  • Because trust is placed in the code, they can contribute to scientific research by allowing access to encrypted information about their data.
  • They can also access editorial committees of high-impact scientific journals and submit their work for approval more directly and without intermediation.
  • They can be recognized by their peers based on the value of the content generated, going beyond likes or comments.
  • They can preserve their followers, contacts, and content, which are portable to other decentralized platforms or protocols.

Issuance and distribution of social tokens and utility NFTs for HCPs

These tokens can be a key to healthcare professionals’ access to exclusive content and events:

  • Scientific literature
  • Conferences
  • Workgroups
  • Membership in professional communities by specialty CME programs with digital certification on the blockchain
  • Access to research projects
  • Activation of a specific space to receive advice from a representative or MSL on demand from HCPs

Web3 technology can also incentivize collaboration between patients and healthcare professionals

Through tokens and smart contracts

it is possible to promote therapeutic adherence, provide access to exclusive health programs and content for patients, provide membership in digital ecosystems, and in the future, the metaverse of health.

In addition, decentralized social networks can allow patients to own their social graphs on an individual level.

Bringing knowledge about web3 to healthcare professionals

Pharmaceutical companies, just as they do with continuing medical education, can create or promote courses in the field of web3 and other exponential technologies designed for HCPs in their fields of specialty.

I know all of this may seem strange now. It may be difficult to understand. You may not even want to see it or feel skeptical.

Talking about web2 in pharmaceutical marketing in 2008 was also difficult. The near future is being created now, and you can play a role in it.

The greatest risk is not having tried it.

Ángel González

By Ángel González

Founder & CEO