My name is Paula Alvear. I joined Ideagoras when I was 22, back in September 2019. At that point in time, I felt like a kid in a ball pit. I had to find myself in an absolutely unknown world. I had to live and work with professional people in different fields. Avoiding messing up was my daily core.

I had just finished my Fine Arts degree at URJC and was lucky to run my internship at Ideagoras, a social media agency which mission is to help companies and brands to establish close relationships and bonds with their stakeholders through the online markets of conversations.


When Ángel González explained this to me at our first interview I thought that, maybe, it could be a good opportunity to add value to this company and it´s clients, since from an artistic point of view all the stories I told and brought into life were through visual impact.

To start with, I was given the opportunity to redesign the company´s website. I approached the project with high enthusiasm. With the help and the advice of my colleagues we solved the obstacles that arose along this exciting project. I want to highlight the figure of Rafael Cuellar in this particular work because, in addition to be the one who most enlivened the office, he always looked for different ways and routes to reach the best result in terms of high quality, excellence and professionalism.

Landing page test mockup/ 3D by Rafael Cuellar

My second experience was, without a doubt, the most special one: the figure of Doctor Salvador Casado appeared. He brought some pages with his thoughts – a poem book – written on them. My job was to transform them into an illustrated book and connect with his more personal “I”, trying to fit my drawings into his words. Dealing with difficulties, getting knowledge of editing programs, designing layouts, doing my best exercises of inspiration, getting into trial and error, but above all painting, which is what I like the most. The book is on Amazon and we attended its official presentation at the Madrid College of Physicians.

While working on these mentioned two jobs, we had to match the needs of the regular clients of the agency. My role on this was to create graphic content and contribute with ideas for the creation of new initiatives. I want to highlight the names of Clara Villasante and Andrea Terroba, who explained to me all the operatives and dynamics of client relationships: managing daily accounts, generating content to the proposed briefing and reworking on feedback. I took their positive mindset when working daily, with energy, and always with a well-dressed smile as a uniform.

Ideagoras has been my first real contact with the business world and it would not have been so enriching without the help of the rest of the team at that time. I want to convey my gratitude to Rubén, Álvaro, Bego, Oriana, Sandra and Mónica, and specially to my mentor Ángel. He has guided me closely in this stage and openly taught me how a company works. Above all, he has trusted on me when he assigned me different professional projects and responsibilities, which have increased my courage in carrying out my own ideas. Thanks to all this, I have opened my eyes a little more to the reality of the working world and the moment in which we live. I look forward to continuing to grow as a professional, but above all getting to know myself and looking for my passion. I take with me an enormous part of this company and leave a few pieces of me, with much affection.



By Paula Alvear