Your brand is what people say about you when you’re not in the room. Jeff Bezos

In Ideagoras we do love branding, but we work relentlessly to evolve the traditional model, developing a horizontal perspective which reflects the new consumer: someone using his power to say that he is no longer willing to be interrupted, but instead only invited, listened to and acknowledged in a new scenario of dialogue and co-creation. It´s the new world of Collaborative Branding.

We think that there is life beyond the TV ad commercial Yes, there is an exciting life in Social Media Branding. Brands can be, more than ever, open and global, sharing their image, awareness and true reputation with the voice and opinion of the empowered consumers.

Ideagoras embraces the principle of collaboration in the idea generation process, counting on the wisdom of crowds in the development of the work we do for those brands and companies that have identified and understood the current changes of paradigm: from one way communication, to conversation.

Collective Intelligence; Don Tapscott at TED