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Sorry, pen and paper lovers, but The Internet has changed the way we work, communicate and even relate to others. So much so that brands of all sizes are aware of the need to be present in the universe of social media. Thanks to this approach brands establish a relationship with the user otherwise difficult to achieve with a greater dissemination and building some sort of closeness.

The fashion world is no stranger to it all. The fact is that Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook or Twitter fit trending brands like a glove. Then, what strategy had carried out some of the top fashion brands on social networks?

Like it or not, social media has changed the way brands and customers communicate, allowing a two-way conversation that involves a change in consumer shopping experience. This direct communication with the target audience allows brands to know what they like or what they want. Furthermore, via a new way of communication new ways of turning a potential customer to an end customer appear.

However, some consider that you can create networks of complaints to the brand because you are not capable of controlling what users comment, besides there is no customer service 2.0 running 24 hours a day responding to the needs of consumers.

Many fashion brands are choosing to hire the it-girls

Many fashion brands are choosing to hire the it-girls as the image for advertising campaigns, aware of the power of attraction of these girls. This is the case of Poppy Delevingne for Solid & Striped, Chiara Ferragni for Amazon, Kendall Jenner for Calvin Klein or Alexa Chung for Marks & Spencer. And it works. This strategy is closer to the conventional offline sponsorship but taking advantage of the 2.0 platform.

A striking case, worldwide known, is the strategy carried out by Burberry. The company is not only the latest in technology but also makes specific content for each channel. The British brand is also an expert when making viral all sort of events, with a masterly combination of their clothes and music. Another example of good management is in the hands of Victoria’s Secret, particularly in relation to its management on Facebook.

Returning to the British brand, Burberry is promoting in the UK the perfume Mr. Burberry with a campaign whose centerpiece is a television advertisement directed by Steve McQueen. The actor is using Snapchat as a platform that gives users the opportunity to scan codes placed in stores to unlock exclusive content of this work. Lacoste and the brand of  the Scottish tartan print were among the first brands to launch their own Snapchat accounts, just before the Fashion Weeks started.

Among the content available in Snapchat users can access to the ‘Discover’ section that includes materials such as personal care tricks or tips on fashion. Brands pay great amounts of money to publish content on this section. Here the user also has the opportunity to access to additional content of the campaign that is catching his eye, like the commercial director’s cut and many videos with moments of the shooting.

Fashion Crush on Social Media

Fashion´s Crush on Social Media

Once upon a time, an app in which to tell a story through a pretty picture changed everything. Yes, I mean Instagram. And with it, everything changed. Reconverted into a marketing channel, the social network has more than 400 million monthly active users and has become the most important social platform for luxury brands.

The #fashtags are one of the most popular topics in Instagram. According to the company, 42 million users with a total of 283 million interactions used Instagram to refer to the women fashion shows that began in New York on February the 10th, 2016, and ended in Paris a month later on March the 9th.

But this is not all because the love story continues with Snapchat. To keep up with the trends, the latest fashion collections and major brands launches is no longer necessary to be a celebrity and sit in the first row of the catwalks. Simply download Snapchat and follow the accounts of brands like Burberry, Gucci, Louis Vuitton and Alexander Wang. Each day there are more and more designers who share exclusive content with their followers through this network.

In September last year, Burberry became the first to photograph and publish live its advertising campaign through Snapchat. The debut took place by the hand of the photographer Mario Testino. Followers of the firm watched live how he took the pictures and were the first to meet the new stars that appeared in the brand campaign. The images were available only for 24 hours before disappearing.

Gucci succumbed to Snapchat

Gucci succumbed to Snapchat just a couple of months later in December 2015 and presented exclusively a preview of his autumn-winter collection 2016 by Alessandro Michele. Jared Leto announced in his account that he would be the brand new icon and for three days he showed images of the campaign shooting.

The list of brands that use this strategy began to grow and Louis Vuitton and Prabal Gurung also started their own accounts in Snapchat. On February, Vogue was registered in the social network and uploaded a video of her editor, Anna Wintour, shuffling papers on his desk. During New York Fashion Week, fans were watching from their homes the collections of designers like Alexander Wang, Michael Kors, and Calvin Klein.

Thanks to publishing exclusive content through this application, companies are trying to connect with the millennial generation – those who were born in the digital age – the first users of the ephemeral videos social network. With more than 100 million active users per month, Snapchat is the killer application among those under 25. It has more than 400 million new videos a day…

So now you know it. Snap the moment!

Whats new

What’s new?

Instagram and Snapchat step aside, a new queen has arrived. Early last January a new application appeared out of nowhere and is getting a lot of great downloads. And what could this application be?

Peach, created by the founder of Vine, Dom Hofmann. It is the new application for texting that is sweeping the net. Peach follows the same principles as Twitter and similar apps, but with some spicy features allowing the user to be more creative in each message.

Will Peach dethrone Instagram and Snapchat? We will need to wait like we wait in Game Thrones, only time will tell…

Be my guest and enjoy the social media world!


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