Steve Jobs used to say that “The journey is the reward”. And I personally believe and have always felt that this is true, especially when one’s path of entrepreneurship is driven by a dream.

Entrepreneurship is an uncertain but exciting journey. It is satisfying to get some perspective and to realize that you have helped your clients by furnishing them and their brands with value, that you have contributed to creating a new category of services, generated employment, and also bolstered Spain’s economic development. But the most important thing is the journey itself, even though it is one fraught with difficulties, frustration and disappointment. Most satisfying of all is creating something based on a vision, persevering, striving and managing to be resilient, all while enjoying the small successes, without succumbing to vanity.

Change is accelerated and exponential

Ideagoras’s journey is about to mark a decade, 10 years of continuous learning and constant evolution, because there are no stable companies that guarantee positions of permanence and predominance in any market, and much less in today’s context of accelerated and global change. Ours is a volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous environment where everything is transforming: information, education, entertainment, the way we acquire goods and services, the way we get around, where we stay, and, of course, the way brands are built and how they relate to their audiences. And this dynamic of disruptive change has only just begun. The best is yet to come.

Our strategic objective for 2020-2030 is to continue working for a greater humanization of brands through collaborative branding and its intersection with new exponential technologies.

We are moving towards a new horizon, and committed to continuing to dream, to remaining restless. Thanks to everyone accompanying us on this voyage.

Ángel González

By Ángel González

Founder & CEO