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Attract First…Extract Later. Now with AI.

The same cycle of technological progress from the Web2 era is now repeating with Superintelligent AI:   First, they attract us. Generative AIs are highly attractive and easy to use. In some way, they make us feel empowered with superhuman abilities. We immerse ourselves in the magic provided by the machine. They are enabling the […]

Exploring the Opportunities of Web3 in the Healthcare Industry: A Case Study

At Ideagoras, we are always looking for innovative ways to connect and empower communities within the healthcare industry. Recently, we explored a proposal to integrate Web3 technologies and NFTs with the aim of strengthening engagement and a sense of belonging among rare disease patients, researchers, and healthcare professionals. I am sharing it with you. The […]

The Technological Singularity is Nearer

In the realm of science and technology, one name that has sparked both admiration and curiosity in me over the last decade is the futurist Ray Kurzweil. A pioneering mind in the field of artificial intelligence (AI), he has been at the forefront of technological innovation for over sixty years. At SXSW 2024, Kurzweil shared […]