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A Decentralized Social Network for Healthcare Professionals

Healthcare professionals were among the first groups to adopt social media back in 2008–2009. They opened their blogs where they regularly published content, also doing so on their newly established accounts on platforms like Twitter, YouTube, Facebook, etc. In Spain, these pioneers gathered in person at the two Congresses of the Healthcare Blogosphere in 2010 […]

Blockchain networks are like cities, while corporate ones are like theme parks.

The title of this entry is the metaphor used by Chris Dixon, founding and managing partner of a16zcrypto, to vividly illustrate the differences between the Web2 and Web3 models of the internet. Cities are complex ecosystems formed by countless interactions and interconnections among their residents, institutions, infrastructures, and technologies. They coexist in a symbiosis between […]

Account Abstraction in Ethereum and its Impact on Web3 Branding

March 2023 marked a significant milestone in the world of Web3 and Blockchain with the implementation of the new account abstraction standard — ERC-4337 — in Ethereum, without needing to modify the consensus layer of the network. This maintains the system’s stability and security. The ERC-4337 standard allows developers to consolidate a diverse range of […]