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X (formerly Twitter) Turns 18

On July 15, 2006, Twitter, a microblogging system with 140 characters, was launched.   In June 2007, Apple launched its first iPhone in the USA, leading to the smartphone boom. This marked a new era of internet access, connectivity, and social expression without needing a PC or a traditional blog. In August 2007, Chris Messina […]

Exponential vs. Linear: Advancing Technological Development

In 1965, Gordon Moore, co-founder of Intel, predicted that the number of transistors on a microprocessor would double approximately every two years, leading to exponential increases in processing power and digital technology capabilities. This observation, known as Moore’s Law, has remained consistent and unchanged to this day. Ray Kurzweil went further with his Law of […]

Innovation and the “Red Flag Law”: an analogy for entrepreneurship and the defense of disruptive ideas

The history of the Red Flag Law, a 19th-century legislation that regulated the circulation of the first motor vehicles in the United Kingdom and some US states, offers a powerful metaphor for the challenges faced by entrepreneurs and innovative ideas even today. The Red Flag Law required that motor vehicles be preceded by a person […]